Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh BLOG me :/

Ha so this blog has been sooo neglected...I mean really really neglected. By the looks of this blog I haven't been doing a thing since sometime in February! LOL if only that were true, unfortunately the lack of blogging is a direct correlation to how crazy life has become. Tis the season for softball, preschool pool playdates and EOG testing....oh yes and throw in there some rising middle school jitters and man we've got quite a spring. Well although this blog has been neglected I haven't stopped creating here are a few creations from this spring ....
all modeled and photographed by some fabulous boutique friends!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spring Thaw?????

Wow, so okay this is one really really really neglected blog! The holidays have come and go here at Sweet Treat Boutique and it has been one crazy winter so far. It has been great to get back into the studio and start working on the new spring treats and I can't wait to start launching once has been a long break it seems. Oh and some really exciting news.....Sweet Treat Boutique is now in a brick and mortar location here in the local Raleigh area! Whew, it has been soooo fun but soooo exhausting at the same time. This month STB partners with Lollygag boutique to open a new larger store location so be sure to check out photos of the new shop March 1st...or better yet if you are in the area stop by! Sweet Treat Boutique will also be hosting a fabulous Spring Fashion Runway event March 20th where the new pre-teen and teen lines will be unveiled!!!! So I hope that you all had a wonderful bring on the spring!