Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sew what you say?

For all of you who are not followers of BCheeky Boutique (shame on you!) here is my latest blog entry!!!

Well tis the season right???? It's only July and all ready we are up and running with boutique Christmas and I still have a stash the size of Texas for summer time stuff!!! So here is a little piece I wrote in honor of the upcoming holiday launch season....think Twas the Night Before Christmas when reading.

Twas the 4th of July and fireworks were booming
but here in my room I fret Christmas is looming.
Time to be merry and jolly and bright
unfortunately, all I want is to sleep tonight.
I need to pull out my red and green stash
while wracking my brain for a design that'll bring cash.

So alas I must focus and start spreading the cheer
in hopes that some buyers will suddenly appear!
So tomorrow I'll start after my list of "to-do's"
the pool, a bike ride, softball tournament too!
I'll heat up the barbi and prep all the fixin's
yes then, maybe then, I can focus on mittens.

The day came and went and the sun was a scorcher
Now I guess I'd better get on with this torcher.
I'm lacking the Christmas spirit I fear
perhaps it'll help if I picture eight tiny reindeer.
Ah yes that's the ticket, think Santa and elves.
Now let me see what fabrics up on these shelves!

More red, more green, some gold, it's just right!
But wait just a minute I need a Euro delight...
Hot pink for sure will fix it up quick
no need to worry and make myself sick!
I've got this no problem I can't wait to be done
then its off to be modeled and that's when it gets fun!

You think you can stump me?
Not a chance now you see
a designers a designer no matter what the climate may be,
and a launch is a challenge, now that is the key!
It is why we continue to do what we know
it may make us crazy but it brings in the dough!

But what do I hear, a loud voice booms up the stair...
Sew faster, sew faster, oh do I dare?
Perhaps if I'm quiet he'll go back to bed
and then my addiction will fully be fed!
Now I hear him exclaim out into the night
come to bed dear, no more boutique stuff tonight!

Oh what a drag I was on such a roll
but lack of sleep I'm afraid really takes a toll.
I've stifled that itch, the urge to create
and now I can rest with this launch off of my plate.
So I guess until next time I'll have to put it away
but who's to say I can't begin designing for Valentine's Day?

Jessica @ Sweet Treat Boutique